The Cards

• Topic based
• Practical and simple to use
• Come with a worksheet for each set of cards
• Encourage creativity and effectiveness
• Interlinked as part of an overall toolbox which can be added to over time- just like a carpenter or engineer collects their -‘tools of the trade’
• Consist of  25 cards in each set: 25 topics/issues to discuss explore further
• Robust and reusable
• Designed essentially to increase the learner’s level of spoken English but also help develop general skills in;
– Reading
– Understanding
– Interpreting
– Listening
– Expressing opinions / ideas / concepts – Expanding vocabulary
– Analysing ideas / current issues / cultural differences / political views
• Improves confidence
• Cover a wide variety of topics / issues / subjects / scenarios
• Include everyday issues and those beyond
• Challenge established ideas
• Help establish a level of conversation beyond the basics

Examples of topics available:

Tenses: Past, Present, Future
General: Views, Opinions
Negatives: What and Why
Various Subjects: Describe, Explain
Career/Work: Job Interviews
Preferences: Select and Explain