Advantages of The English Teacher’s Tool Box

• Makes lesson planning easier
• Relieves the stress of planning
• Enables the teacher to focus their energy on the actual lesson and student rather than spending hours on lesson planning
• Provides the opportunity to build a ‘toolkit’ ; at hand to deal with a variety of learning levels
• Provides an opportunity to improve vocabulary / grammar and speech


• Allows the individual to be creative and forces them to think beyond day to day situations
• Can be as sophisticated or as simple as the teacher wishes to make it
• Simple yet effective way to force the student to do the talking
• Developmental and current • Caters for all levels
• Can be used time and time again
• Can be used in conjunction with traditional teaching / learning methods

• Adaptable for use in one to one teaching or group
• Portable, compact, ready to use
• Cuts preparation time down to a minimum
• Spare cards included to create your own questions
• Build/tailor your tool box to suit your needs
• Pay as you go: buy cards as and when you need them
• Flexible: use different cards in different situations


• Caters for all levels and abilities
• Allows teachers to focus on the student’s ability to answer/communicate
• Directions / advice on use included with each set
• Long term investment for use over and over again
• Can be adapted for use with individuals or groups
• Relieves pressure / stress from teacher
• Emphasis is on the student to speak not the teacher