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Each set consists of 30 cards to discuss and explore – the basis of at least 6 lessons, 6 lessons less to prepare! More time to concentrate on coaching, correcting and enhancing the student’s level of grammar and vocabulary. Less pressure on you, the teacher.

To begin your toolbox, the Taster Set offers a mixed bag, including the key past, present and future tenses.  Also included is a card outlining key points and a free flyer offering general advice and guidance. There is also on-line advice / coaching available on how to use the cards.

We recommend you start with the Taster Set and see how you get on. Buy the Toolbox to store your cards and you’re ready to go to work.

The English Teacher’s Tool Box is portable and practical for storing your cards. Fill the tool box at your own pace. Build a kit that can be taken anywhere, use it time and time again.

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