The English Teacher’s Tool Box is a resource aimed at ESL Teachers with professional students

Experience shows that most professional business learners of English want to practice speaking at every opportunity. They want to communicate on every topic under the sun. They want to express opinions and views on a whole range of topics – they want to be the same person they are in whatever language they communicate in. Topic Cards are designed to help achieve just that.

Often it’s difficult for the teacher to find different subjects as a basis for conversation. Students expect teachers to begin and lead the conversation. Topic Cards provide numerous opportunities to just allow that. They are aimed specifically to help teach English in the Business Environment – to those students who work in an international environment, who have regular contact with people from across the globe.

But they can be used to support traditional methods of teaching and to complement a more structured approach. They can be used in any English teaching situation.

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A resource for Teaching English. Let the student do the talking!

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The Tool Box

The English Teacher’s Tool Box is a collection of topic cards in tool box. As with all trades people the box provides an opportunity for English Teachers to collect their tools of the trade. Find out more>

Advantages for teachers

The cards are useful for teaching students who have studied English at school or college who now find themselves in a situation where they need to speak English as part of their job. Find out more>

The Cards/The Tools

The cards are practical and can be used again and again.  Each set comes with an information guide outlining how to make best use of them. They are also effective in reducing stress levels. Find out more>